Welcome to Tiande in Ireland

TianDe is translated from Chinese as ‘heavenly perfection’. 

We were incorporated in 2007 in one of the most environmentally cleanest regions in Russia- Altai, a town called Barnaul.  We came to the UK and IRELAND in 2012.  

The founders were market leaders in combining modern beauty products with ancient, traditionally used eastern medicine.   Today, they have developed a range of products that have complex effects on health, appearance, physical ability and energy levels.

TianDe’s expansion has been rapid.  Today, over 2 000 people are recorded daily in the distribution network.  More than 5 million people from over 10 countries, including professional masseurs and cosmeticians, entrepreneurs and celebrities use the unique products of TianDe.

Our products are manufactured in compliance with four international standards and include 20,000 tests of herbs, the main composition of TianDe’s products.  Importantly, our products haven’t been tested on animals.

Cosmetic products are a cocktail of herbs and natural ingredients sourced from Chinese recipes – over 5,000 years old.

Health care products have been created on the basis of millennial time and tested recipes from Eastern medicine and are fully BIO-based. We use state-of-the-art technology, herbs and plant extracts which - grown in ecologically clean regions of China and Tibet.  Furthermore, the water we use is extracted from natural sources.