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Face care - Revitalizing Gel ''Botoluxe'' , 40g

Activates the protective properties of the skin → increases its ability to heal and rejuvenate

It promotes the production of collagen and elastin skin → easier to cope with age-related changes

Provides antioxidant protection for the skin cells → slowing the process of aging

It nourishes, moisturizes the skin → improves complexion

The word "revitalization" is translated as "revival." Revitalizing Gel elixir able to "revive" the skin cells, providing them with life-giving moisture. Thanks to the gel texture the nutrients are absorbed by the skin elixir perfectly. Elixir has a high concentration of active ingredients contained in the gel, and the spheres.

Active components:

The proteins of oats -  activates protective and restorative functions of the skin, improving the synthesis of collagen and elastin;

Vitamin E - stabilizes cell membranes, providing them with antioxidant protection and integrity, protecting the skin from aging;

Sodium hyaluronate - stimulates the intercellular skin hydration, attracting water molecules in the ratio of 1: 1000.

The natural moisturizing factor of the skin - a complex of molecules on the surface of the main cells of the epidermis. NMF components attract water from the air and holds it, allowing our skin to drink. 

Revitalizing Gel elixir activates the protective properties of the skin, increases its ability to heal itself. Powers, triggers the natural production of collagen and elastin, helping the skin to cope with age-related changes.

Botoluxe suitable for:

-For the young and mature skin

-For all skin types

-For day and night care

-For a perfect make-up

-To make the skin glow effect

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